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College and Career Readiness

The vision of Graves County Schools is to ensure that all students reach proficiency and graduate from high school ready for college and careers. A college ready student is one who is preparatory on all the CPE benchmarks on the ACT or KYOTE in Reading, Math, and English. This student is typically one who plans on attending a regular college or university. A career ready student is one who is preparatory in a Career and Technical education major and has reached the benchmarks on EOPA or an Industry Certification. This student is typically one who plans on going to a technical college. To identify students as college- and career- ready, the Kentucky Board of Education has approved indicators of readiness: 

To be college ready: 


A student must meet benchmarks on one of the following: 

  • ACT: English 18, Mathematics 19, and Reading 20 (Students are college ready only if they meet these three benchmarks listed on one or combined ACT administrations.)



If a student misses one or more of the ACT benchmarks:

  •  KYOTE


To be Career ready:

A student must meet benchmarks for one requirement in Career Academic area AND must meet one requirement in Career Technical area.


Career Ready Academic/Technical:

  • End of Program Assessment(EOPA)
  • Industry Certificate(s)

To be College AND Career Ready:


A student must meet at least one requirement from College-Ready Academic AND Career-Ready Technical.


College Ready Academic:

  • ACT

Career Ready Technical:

  • Industry Certificate(s)


Transition Readiness